Seina Katsura
Name: Seina Katsura
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Occupation: Best Student Council Covert Squad Top Member
Family: Minamo Katsura (Sister)
Friends: Rino Rando
Kuon Ginga
Sayuri Hida
Rein Tsunomoto
Ayumu Ohme
Kanade Jinguuji

Seina Katsura is a character in Best Student Council.


Seina is a member of the Best Student Council's Covert Squad. She's often seen coordinating the squad's activities and acts as Kuon's "right hand gal".


Seina is a very cheerful, polite, and bubbly individual; sometimes to the point of levity. As a member of the Covert Squad, she's often seen taking the initiative in situations. She's a very polite individual, often saying "Thank you!" to members of the squad that contact her and she'll often smile just because she can.

She gets along well with all the members of the Best Student Council and Kuon in particular. As a result, Kuon often smiles around the happy-go-lucky student when the two work together. Much like her superior, she often has information right when its needed.

As with most members of the Best Student Council, she's loyal to Kanade as a friend and to the school in general.