Rino Rando
Name: Rino Rando
Also known as: Rando (By Nanaho)
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Occupation: Best Student Council Secretary
Family: Chieri Rando (Mother, deceased)
Friends: Kaori Izumi
Sayuri Hida
Rein Tsunomoto
Kanade Jinguuji
Nanaho Kinjo
Cyndi Manabe
First appearance: Dear Mister Poppit(ep1)
Last appearance: Another Best Day(ep 26)

Rino Rando is a character in Best Student Council.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rino Rando is a girl in high school. Sometime after her mother Chieri died, Rino was invited to transfer to Miyagami Academy by her penpal, Mr. Poppit. She traveled by train to Miyagami Island with her puppet, Pucchan.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rino is a very clumsy individual, which often lands her into trouble. But she is cheerful, friendly, and kind to everyone she meets. She is perceived as the only one on the Best Student Council with no special ability or talent outside of "dumb luck. She is rarely seen without her puppet, Pucchan. Without it, she gets very low test scores and isn't an efficient combatant. But when it is in her possession, she becomes effective at both.

Upon arrival at Miyagami, she strikes up a fast friendship with Kanade. This becomes a source of friction between her and Kaori (mostly on the latter's part), whom secretly adores the President of the Best Student Council. The inordinate amount of time to two spend together also becomes a source of rumor and innuendo among Miyagami Academy's student body.

It's eventually revealed that since her mother's death, Pucchan has been her only true source of companionship before arriving at Miyagami Academy. As such, her greatest fear is being left alone. Conversely, it seems her greatest ambition is to see that everyone is happy.

Though she sometimes feel the other members of the Best Student Council look down upon her due to her lack of academic ability or perceived lack of talent, the academy's governing body often look out and protect her—often from herself. In turn, she considers all of them her friends and goes out of her way to help however possible.

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