Rein Tsunomoto
Name: Rein Tsunomoto
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Occupation: Best Student Council Assault Squad Member
Family: Mr.Tsunomoto
Friends: Kaori Izumi
Sayuri Hida
Rino Rando
Kanade Jinguuji
Nanaho Kinjo
Kuon Ginga

Rein Tsunomoto is a character in Best Student council.


Rein is a member of the Best Student Council's Assault Squad. She's extremely adept with hurling playing cards. She is also best friend's with Sayuri Hida, having known her since childhood.


Rein is usually portrayed as a cheerful and exuberant individual, with her vices being gambling and junk food. She's very close to Sayuri, acting as a foil to the latter's usual quiet and introverted demeanor. Though she's not the best student academically speaking (to the point of nearly being forced to the resign from the Best Student Council if she cannot get her math grades up), she is not afraid to work hard to achieve her goals—if the incentive is right.