Nanaho Kinjo
Name: Nanaho Kinjo
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Best Student Council Vice President and Assault Squad Leader
Family: Kazuhiro Kinjo
Friends: Kaori Izumi
Sayuri Hida
Rein Tsunomoto
Kanade Jinguuji
Rino Rando
Kuon Ginga
"My precious Palodo!!!!"
―Nanaho in Minamo: Friend or Foe?

Nanaho Kinjo is a character in Best Student council.


Nanaho Kinjo is a Vice President of the Best Student Council and leader of the Assault Squad. She helped Kanade found Miyagami Academy and works to keep it as a paradise where its students can follow their dreams.


Nanaho's personality is like Kaori's, in that she's quite determined to defend what she admires. She is a strong, capable leader and unafraid to take the initiative in a variety of situations. She's very close with Best Student Council's President, Kanade Jinguuji, having known her since childhood. She's very protective of Miyagami Academy as a whole, and Kanade in particular.

She has a hard and tomboyish exterior. But beneath it all, she collects stuffed animals and has some very "girlish" tendencies. This becomes a source of humorous rumors about her "cuddling with her animals" when she sleeps; much to her chagrin.

She is extremely devoted to her friend Kanade and protecting her takes up a good deal of her time and might seem to be her whole point in life. Otherwise, she's a strong leader and is admired by most of the student body. She's extremely adept at using her Yo-yo at dealing with problems.

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