Minamo Katsura
Name: Minamo Katsura
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Status: Alive
Occupation: Best Student Council Covert Squad Member
Family: Seina Katsura
First appearance: It Was on a Rainy Day
Last appearance: The Voices on the Wind

Minamo Katsura is a character in Best Student council.


In the episode of the best student council When it was on a rainy day she first met rino rando. When she first saw pucchan she wanted him right away, rino refused several times and rino estimated the argument was for two hours nanaho kinjo said well that's just crazy. Rino told kanade after the argument between minamo they bonded a weird kind of friendship. Minamo has a heart condition ever since she was born. Seina told rino about the issue with minanmo's condition.


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