Mayura Ichikawa
Name: Mayura Ichikawa
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Occupation: Best Student Council Treasurer

Mayura Ichikawa is a character in Best Student council.


Mayura Ichikawa is the treasurer and accountant of the best student council of Miyagami Academy.


Mayura has short black hair, which usually has hairclips that are blue and yellow to hold back her hair from her face. She has gray eyes, and wears the standard Miyagami Academy uniform. As the treasurer, she is almost always seen clutching a financial calculator and despairing over the state of the school budget.


Mayura is a kind girl, who cares about her friends. She is shown as the nosey type, as revealed in Episode 7, when she is telling her reason for going out with Shimon. She also can become stressed easily, as she is the treasurer and is in charge of Miyagami's money. Because the best student council is constantly breaking things, throwing unplanned parties, and damaging school property, she becomes angered easily, and is constantly worried about the school's budget.


Shimon KurisuEdit


Mayura once had a relationship with Shimon Kurisu, a senior from a high school in the town next to Miyagami City. However, it is later revealed that Shimon is a player, a simply started dating Mayura as she is an executive member of the Best Student Council from Miyagami Academy, and he wants to date some other girls at Miyagami Academy as well. This relationship is broken off as soon as the covert squad discovers Shimon's motive, and find out that he is a player. After taking a beating from Kotoha Kutsugi, Shimon finally breaks off his relationship with Mayura, saying that he cares for her, and that his parents got a new job so he has to move far away. Mayura is baffled, and the best student council is content with the knowledge that they got Shimon to lie to Mayura, and broke off the relationship without hurting her feelings.

Kanade JinguujiEdit