Kuon Ginga
Name: Kuon Ginga
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Gray
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Occupation: Best Student Council Vice President and Covert Squad Leader
Friends: Nanaho Kinjo
Rino Rando

Kuon Ginga is a character in Best Student council.


Koun has a special gift of information and she wanted to join the Best Student Council. She is the second vice president of the best student council and supervisor of the Covert Squad.


Much like the Covert Squad, Kuon is extremely efficient at information gathering. Though she's sometimes competitive with Nanaho, she's good friends with the other Vice President.

Though she originally came to Miyagami for her own reasons, Kuon came to care a great deal for the school, its students, and members of her Covert Squad. Along with Seina, she often has knowledge of events and people before its even needed. She'll often be one step ahead of Nanaho when situations arise, and has a good working relationship with the Assault Squad leader. She is also deeply trusted by the President, Kanade. In turn, Koun, along with members of the Covert Squad, often work to resolve situations before they become problems.

Though efficient in her own right in combat, she'll often differ to Nanaho and her Assault Squad when such needs arise. She is very level-headed and is sometimes a foil of the initiative driven Nanaho.