Kanade Jinguuji
Name: Kanade Jinguuji
Also known as: Ms. President
Boss (By Cyndi)
Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Purple
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Occupation: Best Student Council's President

Kanade Jinguuji is a character in Best Student Council. She is the president of the Best Student Council and founder of Miyagami Academy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kanade has long lavender colored hair and blue-purple eyes. She's the President of the Best Student Council. As the President and founder of Miyagami Academy, she has a great deal of influence and power at the institution. She does not let get to her head though.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kanade is perceived as an exceptionally kind and caring individual. As a scion of the famous (and obscenely wealthy) Jinguuji family, Kanade wished nothing more than to go to school like a normal girl. So she, along with Nanaho, founded Miyagami Academy to facilitate that desire and to "create a paradise where girls could follow their dreams."

She's universally admired by the students and faculty of Miyagami. In turn, she cares for each of them. Miyagami's governing body, the Best Student Council, is fiercely devoted and protective of their President as well. In one instance, the Best Student Council fired the school's massive—and hidden—coastal artillery piece against certain annoying individuals to protect Kanade's peace.

Upon Rino's arrival to the island that gave Miyagami its name, Kanade strikes up a fast friendship with the wayward student; much to the consternation of some of the students. That friendship also becomes the source of humorous rumors and innuendo among the student body.

Often aloof, she demonstrates a fondness for simple things and often takes enjoyment where she finds it. Even in one instance, she charters a luxury cruise liner to facilitate the school's summer swim practices. Usually above petty day-to-day minutiae, she's possesses her own secrets and often works behind the scenes to protect the student body and Best Student Council in her own way.

She's very close to each of the members of the Best Student Council, but seems to be closest to Nanaho, whom she's known since childhood, and Rino, even going so far as to share a room with the new student. She also has a great deal of compassion for the students and faculty as a whole and does what she can to ensure to their being.

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