Cyndi Manabe
Name: Cyndi Manabe
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Cyan
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Best Student Council Vehicle Squad Leader
Friends: Kaori Izumi
Sayuri Hida
Rein Tsunomoto
Kanade Jinguuji
Rino Rando
Kuon Ginga
Cyndi Manabe (シンディ真鍋 Shindi Manabe) is a character in Best Student council.


Cyndi is the leader of Best Student Council's Vehicle Squad (and the only member of it seen to date). Though she seems to be the only person on the council who can drive, Cyndi is quite skilled and is able to drive multiple types of vehicles, such as sedans, SUVs, and buses, without a second thought. This skill synergizes well with the Assault Squad as she's able to get them to various critical points very quickly. Whether the vehicle survives intact is another story entirely.


Cyndi is traditionally a taciturn individual. When she speaks, Cyndi is usually concise. However, when longer explanations are necessary, Cyndi seemingly mumbles with phrases like "umm umm oh oh". Surprisingly, Pucchan is able to understand Cyndi's "special short unusual language" and Cyndi's mother too uses the language.

It's later revealed that Cyndi has a crush on Rino Rando's puppet. When it comes to light (thank to Cyndi's mother forcing her daughter to be honest with herself), it should be noted that Pucchan doesn't turn her down—much to Rino's consternation.

Academically speaking, she's not the most gifted student (having issues with English despite being born in America) but passes when forced to apply herself. Cyndi is a person of quite hidden depths as well, with her biggest fear apparently being disappointing her mother and being surprisingly eloquent when the situation arises.

As with the rest Miyagami Academy's governing body, she's fiercely loyal to Kanade Jinguuji. Cyndi affectionately calls her "boss", much to Kanade's chagrin. As with all things though, the President simply takes it in stride.

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